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How to join "bijin estate the AGENT"

  • Here is the opportunity for female real estate agents to open up a market!
  • Now accepting registrations!

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About "bijin estate the AGENT"

Keys to the future real estate business are "women," "individual branding," "gaining clients' sympathy," and "SNS (Social Network Services)"

Thank you for your interest in "bijin estate the AGENT".

"bijin estate the AGENT" is a platform for female real estate agents to share information with the Japanese audience.

There are no requirements or conditions for you to join "bijin estate the AGENT." All you need is a passion for the real estate career and the desire to bring satisfaction to customers.

The key in your business is branding yourself. You will be utilizing Facebook and mobile devices to deliver your recommended listings and local lifestyles. The tip is to keep in mind questions, such as "How do I gain sympathy from the customers?" and "How do I effectively introduce my specialty?"
We also organize events, write articles about spotlight listings, hold seminars for women as the audience, in addition to sending out daily newsletters.

Besides the initial registration fee, there are no other costs to you.


How to make an effective use of bijin estate

1. Upload pictures from showings
( Introduce local information such as listings you want to highlight and your favorite shops )

Upload pictures from showings

2. Post on Facebook (Gain Likes and Shares)

Post on Facebook

3. Promote your website

Promote your website

We provide banner designs for you to put on your website so your audience can jump to your Facebook Page

How bijin estate is organized and operated

Our office operates the official homepage and area pages. Agents' posts and links are free.

How bijin estate is organized and operated

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Contact us

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「bijin estate the AGENT」への参加について

bijin estate参加募集中


「bijin estate the AGENT」について


「bijin estate the AGENT」にご関心をいただき、誠にありがとうございます。

「bijin estate the AGENT」は、不動産業界で働く女性が"エージェント"として参加する情報プラットフォームです。

「bijin estate the AGENT」への参加には特別な参加資格・条件などはなく、「不動産の仕事が好き」「お客様に喜んでいただきたい」と思っている方であればどなたでも、職種を問わず参加できます。

活動のポイントは「個人ブランディング」です。「お客様の共感を得るには?」「自分の得意分野をどう伝える?」などを念頭に、facebookやモバイル端末を駆使して、おススメ物件情報、ライフス タイル情報を発信します。
日々 の情報発信に加え、特に注目する物件に対する取材や、女性を対象としたセミナー開催など、事務局企画の活動もおこなっています。



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