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Miyuki Miyuki

Miyuki Chinone was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. As a scholarship recipient from internationally reputable foundation, Rotary International of Rotary Foundation, she came to Los Angeles in mid-1980’s. She attended Rancho Santiago College and California State University Long Beach and studied business administration and management. She started her working career in the U.S. as a legal assistant to real estate/corporate and immigration attorneys in a major Los Angeles law firm where she became familiarized with legal aspects of real estate and business transactions, as well as immigration laws for foreign corporations and investors. Prior to coming to the real estate industry, she worked as an international logistics manager at a large Torrance corporation for over 10 years. She is fluent in Japanese and English. Miyuki, a natural go-getter woman, brought her business/corporate experience and linguistic skills to her career in real estate sales and since 2007 she is with RE/MAX ESTATE PROPERTIES, one of the largest Los Angeles real estate broker.



ロサンゼルスで屈指の不動産会社RE/MAX ESTATE PROPERTIESには2007年より在籍している。「人との和」、「お互い様」、「WIN-WIN」を人生哲学、ビジネス哲学とし、日米両国でのキャリアで磨きこまれた機転の良さと、常に明るくポジティブ精神で顧客に対応。「安心なエージェントで安心でスムーズな売買取引をスローガンに、信頼できる不動産の水先案内人として、親身なガイダンスと的確なアドバイス、迅速で丁寧なサービスと最善のサポート、取引先エージェントとのプロアクティブな交渉スキルで顧客の売買取引をスムーズに導き、顧客満足度120%との定評がある。アウターケアにも最善を尽くしている。

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I had the situation at some broker open house.
There is a Japanese saying: 壁に耳あり、障子に目あり kabe ni mimi ari shouji ni me ari – the walls have ears, the paper doors have eyes






こういうことがあるので、インターナショナルの不動産売買は送金が厳しくなっています。 容易にアメリカに送金して、アカウントがフリーズしてしまったケースもあります。送金前に必ず不動産エージェントにご相談ください。
More than $35 million in cash was found in bankers boxes at one downtown L.A. location during a massive federal raid Wednesday that recovered over $65 million in total.

Los Angeles has become the “epicenter” of money laundering operations for international drug rings, according to prosecutors.

One garment business allegedly funneled ransom money to the Sinaloa drug cartel, which kidnapped a U.S. citizen and beat, shot, electrocuted and water-boarded him at a ranch in Mexico.

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Asia’s share of the global tourist-arrival pie increased from 17% in 2003 to 23% in 2013. The U.N. organization foresees tourists to Southeast Asia increasing 5.8% from 2010 to 2020, and those to Northeast Asia rising 5.7%. These two regions are expected to gain the most popularity during the decade. http://s.nikkei.com/Z7Gl5f