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Since 1979 Keiko Okubo and Okubo Real Estate Group have established themselves in the real estate industry attaining respect and admiration from both associates and their clients. For the past 5 years we have been focusing primarily on commercial properties, in addition to the default industry. Clients include Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae and PennyMac. They are currently involved in international business with 107 Promenade International Real Estate Company, Nice, France and the Mitsubishi Realty Group, Tokyo, Japan. They have also been acting as Leasing Agents for commercial properties where we handle all aspects of the complicated process. Okubo and the Okubo Real Estate Group covers the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Napa, Sonoma and Monterey counties.


広島県出身。 イリノイ州立大学 統計学を専攻し卒業後、米国連邦銀行シカゴ支局に勤務する。 その後カルフォルニアのフリ モント市に移住しフリモント市地区学校に勤務する。 1979年より現在まで不動産業に携わ る。カルフォルニア・ゴールーデン不動産公認。 高級住宅不動産販売公認スペシャリスト。 RE/MAX生涯会員。

Two newly renovated properties in the heart of San Francisco!






189 College Ave., San Francisco, CA

This is a current property which we completely renovated and are about to put back on the market.





Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at home and abroad!


Keiko / bijin estate the AGENT San Francisco







As a hard working agent I’ve been working in my office with my assistant, Martin on this beautiful Saturday in San Francisco. Being in need of some lunch we went out to a local trendy Mission District Japanese vegetarian restaurant on Valencia Street called Cha-Ya. We had their Cha-Ya Delight and vegetarian Soba. Highly recommended! It’s almost like Shojin Ryori.


Keiko / bijin estate the AGENT San Francisco





464 Montori Court, Pleasanton, CA, USA

Listing price for this property is $1,189,000. We have interested buyers at full price.


Keiko / bijin estate the AGENT San Francisco